Bitcoin security firm Casa is planning to expand its services to Ethereum and its related assets

According to the 30th of November report from Decrypt, Casa, a Bitcoin security firm, announced that it is planning to expand its services to Ethereum and Ethereum-based assets. According to a statement from Casa, it will roll out Ethereum compatibility to members in January.

Founded in 2018 by its CEO Nick Neuman and noted Bitcoin advocate Jameson Lopp, Casa previously offered security services exclusively for Bitcoin assets. It also offers a user-friendly security infrastructure for maintaining self-custodial crypto wallets. In an interview with Decrypt, Casa’s CEO, Nick, told that it was existing users’ demand for Ethereum support that led his firm to expand its offerings. 

Nick told Decrypt that we have continued to have our members ask us for Ethereum support over the last two years, to a point where it became clear to us that this was a massive need not just for our customers but also for the wider community. Since its launch, Casa leadership has had doubts about the staying power and centrality of Ethereum to the crypto ecosystem. But its CEO told Decrypt that a lot has changed since 2018. 

Nick said that the Ethereum ecosystem had evolved significantly since 2018 and proven some things that were questions for us early on. Nick also indicated that they are building everything from the trustworthiness of multi-sig smart contracts, to the size of their community.

According to the CEO, Casa, which offers a free-to-use Casa Wallet app for retail Bitcoin holders, will debut its upgraded and revamped version of this app in January with both Bitcoin and Ethereum compatibility. Moreover, the security firm will roll out additional membership tiers in 2023. 

Regarding the security of assets, Nick said that the best way to secure your assets and to have real control over your digital assets is to hold the keys yourself. Regarding centralization, Nick said that this concentration of the customer base around centralized custodians would probably be a blip. Nick believes that most people will be holding most of their assets themselves.

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