4,400-Discord Group angry members are searching for Terra’s Do Kwon

The angry members of the 4,400-strong Discord group, also known as UST Restitution Group, are searching for the whereabouts of Terra co-founder Do Kwon. After the lack of results from law enforcement agencies, the group members, seemingly out of frustration. The members are now finding clues and sharing them with other group members to track down Kwon.

The member of the Discord group believes that Kwon could be residing in places such as Dubai, Russia, Azerbaijan, or even on a yacht. Some authorities in South Korea are taking significant steps to bring Kwon to justice, such as a Seoul court issuing a warrant for Kwon’s arrest on 14th September. Moreover, on 26th September, Interpol also issued a Red Notice to law enforcement worldwide. Despite these important steps from authorities, the group members are continuing their efforts to track down Kwon.

4,400-strong Discord group, also known as URG, was formed on the 16th of May as a chatroom for Terra ecosystem investors. The main purpose of this group is to help launch lawsuits on behalf of its members to recover funds lost from TerraUSD Classic.

According to the 19th October report of the Financial Times, Kan Hyung-suk, one member of URG, will soon be traveling to Dubai, where many from the group believe Kwon is hiding. Kan is a software engineer and a former employee of Terraform Labs, the company that built the Terra blockchain.

Kwon has now become a controversial figure in the wake of the Terra ecosystem implosion, but he said that he is not on the run and is fully cooperating with all government agencies who are in communication with him.

On the 19th of October, Laura Shin, a crypto-journalist and host of the Unchained podcast, interviewed Kwon, in which she asked him a range of questions regarding current news. In this interview, Kwon, on his whereabouts, said that he moved from Singapore following the Terra crash due to privacy and personal security concerns.

Kwon said that It’s not in the interest of being on the run or something like that and that he doesn’t want to disclose where he lives. Moreover, he said, It’s just that every time the location where he lives becomes known, it becomes almost impossible for him to live there.

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